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Mijolnir is one of Turkey's premier home textile manufacturer & exporter established in 2006 as a part of Asir Group, LLC.

We are most proud of the consistency of our strong performance, which has led to consecutive year-over-year increases in sales, as well as healthy cash flow, since we unified our organizational structure.

To give our customers the best shopping experience possible, it is imperative that we have the most skilled people in every position throughout the organization. Asir Group, LLC is fortunate in that our organization is considered to be one of the most talented teams in both manufacturing and marketing. We work hard at attracting, developing and retaining our talented workforce.


Diversity is at the core of Asir Group,LLC., Inc.’s approach to doing business. It touches all areas of our company. We expect our associates, our advertising, and the companies with which we do business to mirror the diverse multicultural marketplace we serve.

Having a production that satisfies our diverse customer base gives us a tremendous competitive advantage, particularly because it enables us to source distinctive merchandise to provide for our customers. It also helps us give meaningful support to businesses that contribute to the economic health of our local communities. 

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